The   GYROTONIC   EXPANSION   SYSTEM ®    exercise   method   promotes   flexibility   and   strength,   stability   of   the spine   and   a   strong,   subtle   body.   As   your   muscles   grow   stronger   their   ability   to   support   and   protect your   spine   increase.   Stronger   abdominal   and   spinal   muscles help prevent back pain. The    system    is    designed    to    strengthen    the    whole    body    and encourages   the   integration   of   mind   and   body.   This   coordination and   fluidity   of   movement   helps   correct   imbalances   throughout the muscular and skeletal systems. It   can   be   beneficial   in   the   management   of   spinal   pain,   soft tissue    injuries,    joint    restriction,    injury    prevention,    sports injuries   and   occupational   overuse   injuries.   It   will   help   with relaxation   to   work   without   excessive   muscle   tensions   and   to release muscular holding patterns. The   techniques    train   the   muscles   to   work   automatically   and aligns   and   reeducate   the   muscles   that   surround   the   joints.   It creates     body     awareness     and     improves     coordination     and endurance.   It   develops   a   strong   torso   through   the   appropriate use   of   spinal   muscles,   which   act   as   stabilizers   to   support   the spine. Ir    develops   muscles   through   the   full   range   of   motion   in   various movement   patterns.   It   prevents   injuries   to   the   unsupported spine   by   aligning   the   body   correctly   and   balancing   the   muscles and external forces acting on the joints and skeletal structures. The   GYROTONIC   EXPANSION   SYSTEM ®      exercises   were   developed by    Juliu    Horvath    who    has    also    personally    designed    all    the specialized equipment associated with his method. For    more    information    visit    the    The    GYROTONIC     EXPANSION SYSTEM ®   website at “’Gyro’ is a great addition to my fitness routine.  Thanks again to Angela's continuing study of the human body and her quest to make us the best we can be, we have been introduced and carefully brought into this wonderful form of exercise.  Quite different than Pilates in that it incorporates continuous moving, stretching and flexing with weight bearing.  In particular the spine and shoulders.  I feel taller, more flexible and longer in the midsection as a result.  The most surprising aspect of this is how in five short weeks the physical  changes that have occurred.  I also have also found that there is far more mobility in my feet and ankles.  It is quite unexpected.  I can only conclude that it is the movement combined with the traction that the equipment that is giving me such dramatic results in such a short time.  I am totally hooked!”  Amy P.  I first connected with Angela when she introduced me to Pilates six years ago. The twice weekly sessions have been life changing for me. She gave ma a new sense of my body and made me stronger and more balanced. And now she has done it again by introducing me to the GYROTONIC® method. We use a specially designed piece of equipment called the Pulley Tower which provides support and resistance through dramatic rotational movements of the limbs and joints. After two months of weekly 75 minute sessions, I have greatly improved my flexibility throughout my entire body, especially the spine. My posture and balance are also much better. The Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercises compliment each other and I take a weekly session of each. This has allowed me to achieve a new awareness of my body’s movements and placement in space. Since I am visually impaired these outcomes are critical to my lifestyle and safety. I now move with more confidence. Roland S. I loved my first GYROTONIC® class with Angela. She is patient and clear in her directions offering wonderful cues and supporting you through this new process. As a dancer, I felt the machine gave me a dynamic workout that allowed me to focus on my full range of motion, even finding ways to move through my thoracic spine that had become stuck over the past few years. For this I am very grateful. My body feels strong, long and open. Even the next day I find my chest open, loose and supported. I would recommend it to everyone but especially those that would like to feel your body flowing through movement in an organic, supported way. Laurie Zabele Cawley National Museum of Dance I truly enjoy GYROTONIC®! Even more so, I enjoy training with Angela. Angela is more in tune with my body than I am. I have worked for many years in an office environment so I had a very stiff back and shoulders. After taking it with Angela, the range of motion in my shoulders has significantly improved, my posture is better and most important, I feel great! Angela is highly committed to continuously expanding her knowledge and skills to help her clients develop lean, flexible, strong and perfectly aligned bodies. Alicia Williams Most of my adult life I have struggled with different types of back pain: upper, middle and lower back. It started with my first job, sitting long hours in front of a computer in a slumped position. It got worse after my children were born. Lifting them up and carrying babies added to the problem. For years I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, message and swimming. Although these all gave temporary relief, it lasted only a short while. Then I met Angela and she introduced me to Pilates. Pilates -- or I should say Angela -- gave me an understanding of my body, how I am using it in bad alignment and how I should be using it correctly. It also gave me tools to release the tension that cause neck and back pain. I like to understand the cause and effect relationship and why and how things work. Angela was great at explaining things to me and this was the key to solving my back problems. Recently I tried GYROTONIC® and loved the feeling of deep relief from the movements on different planes. When I compare Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercises it is like going from two dimensions to three dimensions... Now I can feel a deeper sense of motion and am more aware of my whole body. I am looking forward to each session so I can continue to gain a deeper understanding  of how I can move better and remain pain free. C. O. Mechanical Engineer I exercise a lot and am always looking for the latest technology to "change it up" and keep myself challenged and motivated. After taking just one session with Angela on the GYROTONIC®  machine I was hooked! This machine hits all the little muscles you didn't even realize you had.  An added benefit is Angela's knowledge of the human body and how each muscle interacts with the next.  With her hands on guidance to insure proper alignment, the deep movements from this machine have increased my flexibility and range of motion and best of all, it is FUN and you forget you are getting an intense full body workout, it feels more like a massage for your organs.  I look forward to our sessions and the hour flies by.  TRY IT... you won't be sorry. Christine Sullivan Paralegal; Athens, NY I do love the movement work. I never fully appreciated what my body can do and how amazing the human body is until I began working with you. Your classes are a wonderful gift! Laura Alpert Senior VP United Way of the Greater Capital Region
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