Built from Scratch When we set out to start a studio, finding a space was arduous... a good location, at the right size with the desired attributes. Who knew you even had to worry about level floors? Fortunately we came across a building that was located in the center of the Capital District right off the interstate. It fit perfectly, and we had the opportunity to “gut” it and build it up from the ground floor. We’ve designed a space that is modern, comfortable, and quiet. We installed Bamboo floors, a private bathroom and changing area, colorful walls, hanging mats, “ceiling arcs”, and of course our infamous “sky panels”. And we’ve loaded it up with brand new equipment, including the all new Allegro 2 from Balanced Body. The Allegro 2 The center of any Pilates Studio is the Reformer. Originally designed by Joseph Pilates, a remarkable number of his exercises can be performed on it. While the machines can be intimidating at first glance (”that looks like some sort of torture table”) they are extremely flexible. Some companies have attempted to make gimmicky alternatives to save money or create something “new”... but most companies take pride in matching Joe’s design as closely as possible. Balanced Body took a slightly different approach: they wanted to design a Reformer that was as solid and useful as Joe’s, but to also take advantage of modern design and materials, as well as learn from some of the original weaknesses that materialized over time. They also wanted to make a machine that was attractive and approachable. We believe they achieved this fully with their new “Allegro 2”. We have four Allegro 2’s in our studio, all with “Tower” attachments. You will find they are very solid thanks to a one-piece anodized-aluminum design, and have a smooth glide. Small touches like a seamless carriage prevent your hair from getting caught in the cracks. Traditional Reformers often use leather straps, but they tend to stretch unevenly over time. The Allegro instead uses soft retractable cables to avoid this. The “EasySet Footbar” which can travel the length of the machine allows for safer and creative new positions. And the beautiful looks makes it more welcoming. We recommend you come try one for yourself! Fully Equipped Of course we also carry a complete studio full of brand new equipment. We have hanging mats, Wunda Chairs, arcs, rollers, balls, poles, sitting boxes, towers, magic circles, an Arm Chair, a Ladder Barrel and an “Electric Chair”. Our Approach A studio is more than a sum of its parts. We try to set a tone that is comfortable, quiet, clean and modern. We only have one teacher and student/class at any one time. We want you to come to the studio to revitalize your body and mind. Our primary goal is for you to feel better leaving than you did coming. That doesn’t sound right, but we think you know what we mean. Many of our clients have become friends and we even have dinner parties. Be sure to read some of our Client Testimonials. About the Owner Angela has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over twelve years. She received the top-level “Comprehensive” teacher-training from Power Pilates, which included over 600-hours of apprenticeship. She established Capital Pilates to offer her students a fully equipped, modern, spacious studio with a serene atmosphere. The students at Capital Pilates are a diverse group with a wide range of physical fitness levels from professional athletes to reluctant movers. They range in age from 12 to 75; represent a variety of occupations including students, doctors, entrepreneurs, and executives; come from foreign countries; and have a wide variety of physical challenges. Angela credits working with foreign language students for helping her learn how to pare directions down to the essentials and phrase them with great precision to better guide her students. This skill was strengthened when she began working with two blind students who also need clear and precise instructions to help them orient themselves in a world without visual cues. They had to construct their own images from her words: what part of the body is stable, which part moves, is the body balanced and straight, where is it in space? Angela is immensely impressed with their perseverance and courage and is humbled by their good humor and patience as they have collaborated to find ways to communicate and understand the Pilates method. Born and raised in Germany, Angela is as intrigued with the mind-body connection as her countryman Joseph Pilates was. Her degree in Philosophy of Science from Boston University which focused on understanding the interaction between the human mind and the physical world provides a foundation for appreciating the work of Mr. Pilates. When learning Pilates, one key is the awareness that all our movements are initiated in the mind and that by focusing our attention we can learn to use the muscles correctly.  Once this information is hard wired into our brains, we will use the muscle correctly without having to be consciously aware of it. This insight into how we can get our bodies to move better, and to do justice to the mechanics of the beauty and complexity of our design, has been life changing for Angela. The practice and teaching of Joe's work is now her daily occupation, and she delights in sharing what she is continuing to learn with her clients. Joe's carefully designed exercises are fun to do and use many of the muscles most of us have allowed to lie dormant since we were children. Here is something we can do to help our bodies serve us better. Pilates is a path to a better way of living. See her in action at The Capital Pilates Video.
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Studio owner Angela looking over the blueprints. Lotís of work to do!