Introducing the 20-Minute Mat CD We are happy to introduce our custom-made audio CD. For times when you can’t make it into the studio, this 20-Minute CD will provide you a full mat workout — by the same instructor you have in the studio. All the basic mat exercises are included and structured to move you from one to the next. The thirteen exercises can be completed in 20 minutes anywhere you can lay down a mat. Included Exercises The Hundred The Partial Roll Down The Roll Up One Leg Circles Rolling Like a Ball Single Leg Stretch Double Leg Stretch Scissors Lower-and-Lift Criss-Cross Spine Stretch Forward The Saw The Ending Sample Listen to the “The Saw”: Get Your Copy Today Pick one up in our studio or order directly from Amazon. Questions? Please contact us with any questions or comments.
20-Minute Mat CD 20-Minute Mat CD 20-Minute Mat CD new!